Send In Your Music

play / pause / play is Adelaide’s own internet radio station.

We play 100% Australian music 24/7, with a big focus on music made in Adelaide and touring artists performing in Adelaide soon.

If that’s you, make sure you send us your tunes so we can be sharing your music, too.

Here’s the best way to send in your music:

  1. Upload your music to Dropbox
  2. Share the folder via Dropbox, ensuring it’s set to be visible to anyone with the link [we won’t share it, promise]
  3. Email the link to with some info about you, your music, and any upcoming Adelaide shows you’ve got planned.

Send in an Artist Message, too!

The average listener will give a song seven seconds before changing the station. We can drastically increase that by giving them a reason to stick around. Artists can submit short Artist Messages to be played before their song. Talk about your lyrics, the recording process and, of course, mention any upcoming gigs.

Artist Messages are FREE for all artists!

How to submit Artist Messages


Do you pay royalties to artists?

Yes! The station is fully licensed by APRA and the PPCA. We pay royalties to artists and labels just like any other radio station.

Can I use Google Drive or WeTransfer or something else?

We prefer Dropbox as it connects straight into our music playout system – we don’t need to download and the re-upload the music – and we’ve found it the most reliable system. That said, if you’re already set up with Google Drive or want to use WeTransfer or something similar, we can make it work.

What else should I include?

Make a folder in Dropbox, and in put in it:

  • A Word and/or PDF doc with your artist bio and info about the song/EP/Album you’re releasing as well as any upcoming gigs
  • Official hi-res promo photo that you own the rights to and are happy for any media outlet to do anything with [ideally something that works in portrait, landscape and square]
  • EP or Album cover art for the music
  • The music files [or a sub-folder that contains the music if you prefer]

What format should I send music in?

High-quality mp3s are best but we accept 16-bit WAVs too.

I know you only play Australian music, but…

No, sorry. We only play Australian music. If you’re from overseas, best get in touch with other stations.

Where do we send to again?

Please note: we can’t play all music submitted but if you’re playing a gig in Adelaide soon, it’s quite likely we’ll find a place for it.