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play / pause / play exists to support local artists and venues by focusing our playlists on new Australian music, especially music made by artists based in Adelaide and artists performing here soon. Become an Artist Supporter to help us keep doing it, as well as receive the following benefits:

Artist Messages

The average listener will give a song seven seconds before changing the station. We can drastically increase that by giving them a reason to stick around. Artists can submit short Artist Messages to be played before their song. Talk about your lyrics, the recording process and, of course, mention any upcoming gigs.

VIDEO: How to submit Artist Messages

Artist Messages are FREE for all artists!

Promo ads for your major gig

Two weeks of ads, guaranteed to be played at least 20 times per week, regardless of how often your music is played. Use these ads to promote a major gig or release.

Included in Artist Supporter package!

Extra social media coverage

We’ll share every one of your gigs on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Included in Artist Supporter package!

Become an Artist Supporter today!

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Other services for artists

Merchandise & Door Sales

100% Australian music DJ sets

Hosting & MC Duties for your gig

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Other services we offer

Services for Events & Festivals

Services for Venues

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