play / pause / play offers a wide range of on-air and off-air services for artists, events and venues. From running your door sales or merchandise stand to DJing or MCing your event, booking artists, live-streaming or podcasting, we've got stacks of experience to help you achieve your goals.

Services for Artists

Become an Artist Supporter to get stacks of promo, plus find out about our other services - looking for someone to handle your merch desk or door sales? Need a DJ to play before, between and after your bands? We can help out.

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Services for Events & Festivals

Whether it's a lecture, discussion panel, workshop, forum, live music event or festival, we can book local artists, perform 100% local music DJ sets, host/MC your event, live-stream and podcast it and plenty more.

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Services for Venues

Become a Venue Supporter to get stacks of promo and find out about our other services. We can handle merch and door sales, DJ before/between/after bands and even run your social media and newsletter.

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