The sounds of South Australia – Episode 1

Featuring music from Bad//Dreems, Stellie, Alana Jagt, We Move Like Giants and Nathan Hui-Yi


Album artwork for Bad//Dreems’ Doomsday Ballet, featuring a black and white close up of a shaggy dog’s very concerned eye


Double Dreaming

A Gangsta Glam photo of Stellie reclining with a drink


I’d Have Killed For You

Alana Jagt looking cool in a brightly coloured t-shirt standing in front of a messy shop window

Alana Jagt

If We Had Some Money

We Move Like Giants looking broody and dark in front of a night time city scape

We Move Like Giants


Nathan Hui-Yi in his studio, surrounded by various instruments

Nathan Hui-Yi

Where You Left Me (My Lonely World)

Podcast Credits:
Production: Luke Penman
Artwork: Jana Hoffman
Sound FX and stings: JVAN PRODUCTIONS
This podcast was made possible thanks to the Government of South Australia, via the Music Development Office.